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Due to death in family,need to cut back,need more time for workand unexpected bills

.Due to some unfortunate circumstances I really don't have the time or money needed to dedicate to bulldogs at the moment.I have to much work to do right now and to many bills so I am forced to cut back and sell some dogs that were previously absolutely not for sale. This isn't the usual fire sale you see on o...nline peds,same old people getting in and out every other week. I am selling these and cutting back for at least 2 years.I will be keeping the main core of my dogs so I can rebuild later if I decide to but I have some younger dogs,1 to 2 years old I am selling.I normally never sell dogs in this age range. If you are interested contact me on facebook,or on my email that is on my website. I have 2 or 3 females and a male,just over a year old off Blondie bred to Pluto,haven't made their pedigree on online peds(no longer have an account there) but same breeding,different year as my dog Tracy(I'm keeping Tracy and her sister Kick) and one or two dogs I got from Gary Hammonds down in Texas.I'm selling Skeeter Bit and very possibly Ms. Eze,both off Hammonds Kneebuster. Also have a female that's pregnant,she is named Streak,I have her bred to my Pluto dog. I will be selling the pups for sure and quite possibly her. Might even sale her now while she is pregnant. Also possibly will sell Dirty Girl.

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The Blondie yearling pups are $500 for two of the females,$600 for the bigger brindle female and $550 for the blonde colored male. Skeeter Bit is $700,,2 years old,Ms Eze is $1000 also 2 years old,Dirty Girl if sold will be $1000,Streak's pups will be $300 each or would possibly be willing to sell her pregnant for $600 or will take $500 for her after she raises her pups. If interested in any of these dogs,you can see the pedigrees at Northwest Arkansas Gamedog Kennels.I can't post new peds because I no longer have a peds account.Sorry. As I said these dogs a few months ago was not for sale at all,I like them and want to see them go somewhere where they will be taken care of. Prices are not negotiable unless buying more than one as I have more in them than I'm charging.I don't normally check emails often because I'm busy but since I posted this will check in every 2 or 3 days.Thank you

   Quality,well bred American Pitbull Terriers.If I don't believe it will produce very,very good dogs,I don't breed it.I won't make a breeding unless it is actually something I would like to keep for myself and feel it would make an excellent example of what a good APBT should be. I mostly run Hammonds dogs and Chinaman bred dogs.I think the Hammonds/Alligator blood crosses well with just about anything and is exceptional when crossed into the Chinaman blood.It seems to produce very good,athletic,highly driven dogs that possess the attributes that make for a good APBT that excels at nearly any legal activity from confirmation,weight pull,hog hunting etc.

Closed yard,absolutely no yard visits.

No dogs bred,sold or raised for any illegal purpose! Do not call or email with any questions or comments pertaining to anything illegal.

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